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10 Archaeological Discoveries & Famous World Treasure Troves
Jul 30, 2009 . They had been buried in a wooden chest. It is the largest hoard of Roman silver and gold ever discovered. The treasure was probably hidden .

Here are just a few of the talented comedians that perform regularly at The largest buried treasure ever found:

Paul Varghese – NBC’s Last Comic Standing 2; Gurus of Comedy Tour

Largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure found - Technology - MSNBC
Sep 24, 2009. with a metal detector stumbled upon the largest Anglo-Saxon treasure ever found, . Jump to video Jobless man uncovers buried treasure .

Tony Ybarra – Hyennas Comedy Club
Raj Sharma – Gurus of Comedy Tour

Top Ten Lost Treasures of the world
Sunken, stolen, buried and hidden treasures worth billions. . The new city was never found nor was the gold and eventually the story was relegated to the status .

Steve Halasz – Improv Comedy Club

Huge Anglo-Saxon gold hoard found - News - BBC
Sep 24, 2009 . The UK's largest haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure has been discovered buried in a field in Staffordshire. Experts say the collection of 1500 gold .

Mark Agee – Last Comic Standing
Anthony Perez – Hyennas Comedy Club
Aaron Aryanpur – Improv Comedy Club

Five Greatest Treasure Troves Ever Hidden | Green Buzz : Green Buzz
Jan 22, 2011 . To this day, 500 years on, no trace of the buried loot has ever been found, despite constant searching. 2. The vast burial treasures of Egyptian .

Dustin Ybarra – Hyennas Comedy Club
Aaron Wardrum – West End Comedy Club

Golden Crusade Hoard Found in Israel : Discovery News
Jul 11, 2012 . The treasure was found buried in a settlement occupied by ancient Roman . The hoard of 108 coins make this the largest ever found in Israel.

Waylon Haselhorst – West End Comedy Club

Englishman's metal detector finds record treasure trove -
Sep 25, 2009 . Hoard described as the largest ever found, including more than 1500 . clear who the original or final owners were, why they buried it, or when.

Nine-year-old boy finds buried treasure - The Local
Apr 28, 2008. to be the largest ever find in southern Sweden of silver coins from the . The buried treasure had likely come to the surface when the field in .

Bob Khosravi – West End Comedy Club
Billy McFarland – West End Comedy Club
Johnny Elbow – Last Comic Standing
Jack Parker – West End Comedy Club
Josh Wetherspoon – Hyenas Comedy Club
Shaun Arrendondo – Hyenas Comedy Club
Sherry Bell – West End Comedy Club
Tom Devenport – West End Comedy Club
Sean Collins – VH1

And many more.

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Largest ever hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold found in Staffordshire | UK ...
Sep 24, 2009 . Terry Herbert describes what it was like to find the treasure hoard . field - the largest hoard of gold from the period ever found. . It adds up to 5kg of gold – three times the amount found in the famous Sutton Hoo ship burial in .


Staffordshire hoard: Amateur treasure hunter finds Britain's biggest ...
Sep 27, 2009 . I didn't think it was ever going to end. . Under the 1996 Treasure Act, any treasure found in England and Wales belongs to the Crown. . The great Anglo- Saxon burial site at IT will revolutionise our understanding of the Dark .

Johnny Hardwick  (Voice of Dale on Fox’s King of the Hill)
JB Cook  (writer/producer- NBC’s My Name is Earl and Fox’s‘ King of the Hill)

Buried treasure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
No treasure has ever been found. . In 2009, the Staffordshire Hoard was discovered by a metal detector enthusiast, and is the largest collection of gold . In 2011, an Austrian man found a treasure buried with hundreds of precious objects and .

Metal Detecting - Where should I metal detect for buried or lost ...
[] You never really know what buried treasure you might . a rural English field uncovered the largest Anglo-Saxon gold hoard ever found.

Nanette Lee  (Morning Team K104 KKDA)

5 Amazing Treasures Never Found - Yahoo! Voices - ...
May 18, 2008 . 5 of the biggest treasure hoards never found that still lay waiting to be . to dig up the treasure he buried so him and the crew could divide it up, .

Neil Edwards (writer  - Fox’s That 70’s Show and That 80’s Show)

600 barrels of loot found on Crusoe island | World news | The ...
Sep 26, 2005 . A group of adventurers have found an estimated 600 barrels of gold . "The biggest treasure in history has been located," said Fernando . Mr Uribe- Etxeverria estimated the value of the buried treasure at US$10bn (£5.6bn).

Chuck Cason (LA actor/comedian –numerous national television spots)

Buried Treasure: Yesterday TV
But only a minute proportion ever surfaced; it is believed Kidd's haul totalled 400 times what was found. A plaque now marks the burial spot and treasure hunters .

Shucky Ducky – national headliner from BET and Comic View

Finding Buried Treasure In The United States | Trivia And Opinion ...
Oct 3, 2011 . This is treasure that has never been found because the people who buried it are no longer alive. Here is a list of five of the largest, .


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Top 10 Lost Treasures in Illinois « The Legends and Lore of Illinois
Nov 22, 2010 . The ridge was already well known for its tales of buried treasure. . soon tore the mansion apart, but no one has ever found Azariah's gold.